Ages 11-18

1-Day training Friday, June 12, 10am-2pm

It’s often said the best way to learn something deeply is to teach it.  Open to Ravenwood campers with a minimum two years prior experience participating in one of our programs, the Mentor-In-Training (MIT) program creates an opportunity for our budding naturalists to share what they love while exploring the vast landscape of deep nature connection mentoring.

Application to the MIT program is open to anyone with two Ravenwood programs under their belt who is 11 years old or older. Our MITs learn to mentor our youngest campers and are connected one-on-one with one of our senior staff to help them reflect and process their experience. MITs are encouraged to build strong relationships using their new skills, offering their young charges a unique kindness resulting from a big brother/sister type of connection created through thoughtful, playful mentoring.

Memories of our MITs with small ones sitting in their lap around the fire, singing, exploring insect tracks, and keying out a skull or plant in a field guide fill the heart and exemplify the true power of community based mentoring.

MITs must attend a one-day training at our Trumbull Creek camp. The day’s activities will include leadership training in skill areas including the Art of Questioning, Bushcraft, and Group Management.


If you (or your camper) are interested in the Leader-In-Training program, please fill out the application by May 15th, 2020.


MITs must…

1) have participated in a minimum of two previous Ravenwood programs

2) be between the ages of 11 and 17 years by the beginning of summer

3) submit a completed Mentor-In-Training application

4) attend the scheduled 1-day training on Friday June 12

5) attend post-program debrief, training and planning sessions with staff on program days, after campers go home. This debrief may last until 3:30pm.

6) serve as a Mentor-in-Training for a minimum of 4 days at Ravenwood’s summer camps

Serving as MIT for 6 or more program days in a season allows one to choose  between the following rebates:

• $50 cash back, or

• $100 credit toward any Ravenwood program (no expiration date)


Ages 11-18

1-Day training Friday, June 12, 10am-2pm

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Forms You May Need: