Ages 12-18

1-Day training Friday June 21st

$250 – $350.00

The Mentor-In-Training program is changing! MITs are now a part of a larger program, Leaders-In-Training. We will still host LITs on our day-long training day in June. Read on for further details.

It’s often said the best way to learn something deeply is to teach it.  Open to Ravenwood campers with a minimum two years prior experience participating in one of our programs, the Leader-In-Training program creates an opportunity for our budding naturalists to share what they love while exploring the vast landscape of deep nature connection mentoring.

The Leader-In-Training program has three tracks, with each feeding in to the next level of leadership and mentoring: the original Mentor-In-Training (MIT) track, the Teen Leadership track, and the Apprentice track. Participants in the Mentor-In-Training and the Teen Leader program must attend a one-day training at our Trumbull Creek camp. The day’s activities will include leadership training in skill areas including the Art of Questioning, Bushcraft, and Group Management.

Participants in all Leader-In-Training tracks have been candidates for employment as Nature Connection Mentors at Ravenwood’s other camps. If your camper thinks they may want to work with us in the future, the Leaders-In-Training program is a great start!


If you (or your camper) are interested in the Leader-In-Training program, please fill out the application by May 15th, 2019.


Mentor In Training track (day camps)

Our original MIT track is our introductory track, and remains an area of focus open to all participants who want to keep giving back to Ravenwood. Application to the MIT program is open to anyone with two Ravenwood programs under their belt who is 12 years old or older. Our MITs learn to mentor our youngest campers and are connected one-on-one with one of our senior staff to help them reflect and process their experience. MITs are encouraged to build strong relationships using their new skills, offering their young charges a unique kindness resulting from a big brother/sister type of connection created through thoughtful, playful mentoring.

Memories of our MITs with small ones sitting in their lap around the fire, singing, exploring insect tracks, and keying out a skull or plant in a field guide fill the heart and exemplify the true power of community based mentoring.

MITs must…

1) have participated in a minimum of two previous Ravenwood programs

2) be between the ages of 12 and 17 years by the beginning of summer

3) submit a completed Mentor-In-Training application

4) attend the scheduled 1-day training on June 21st

5) attend post-program debrief, training and planning sessions with staff on program days, after campers go home. This debrief may last until 4:00pm.

6) serve as a Mentor-in-Training for a minimum of 4 days at Ravenwood’s summer camps

Serving as MIT for 6 or more program days in a season allows one to choose  between the following rebates:

• $50 cash back, or

• $100 credit toward any Ravenwood program (no expiration date)

Teen Leadership track (overnight camp)

The Teen Leadership track serves Teen camp in a new and important way. As teen participants mature and grow, we offer them new ways to give back to their friends and community. Teen Leaders are trained and entrusted with one area of responsibility (based on the Teen Leader’s interest) that they will practice throughout our Teen Camp adventures, such as learning bushcraft and backcountry skills that can help the whole Teen Camp operate better in the backcountry. Some examples of skills that support Teen Camp are fire by friction and finding good wood, rigging a bear hang in a variety of habitats, finding drinkable water, identifying and preparing wild plant foods safely, and map reading and orienteering.


Teen Leaders must…

1) have participated in a minimum of one previous Teen Camp

2) be between the ages of 16 and 18 years by the beginning of summer

3) submit a completed Leader-In-Training application

4) attend the scheduled 1-day training on June 21st

5) commit to learning at least one support skill to serve the Teen Camp community

6) set up and complete a mentoring phone call with Ravenwood staff at a mutually-agreeable time between the three-day Leaders In Training campout and the start of Teen Camp to follow-up on the learning commitment

7) during Teen Camp, consistently utilize their support skill when the community needs it

Consistently serving the Teen Camp community with a support skill allows one to choose  between the following rebates:

• $100 refund off of Teen Camp tuition

• $100 discount off of any future Ravenwood camp (no expiration)

Apprenticeship track (overnight camp)

After participants have been coming to Ravenwood programs for a while and have served as MITs or Teen Leaders or both, Ravenwood lead staff may invite a participant to be an Apprentice. Apprentices pay the cost of their food to attend our overnight camps, meet and plan alongside adult staff on the overnights, and help to create the learning culture that so nourishes Ravenwood’s participants. Apprentices are apprenticing to lead backcountry camps one day, and so participate in leadership decisions made in the field.

Apprentices are also role-models for the less-experienced overnight campers, and so must maintain the highest level of conduct. Anyone 17 years old or older may be invited, but because conduct is so important, Apprenticeship is by invitation only. Some of the personal conduct staff looks for in an Apprentice candidate is awareness, a positive outlook, quick action when necessary, commitment to mentoring others, care for the natural world, and helpfulness without being asked.

Please understand, too, that positions are limited. We notice Apprentice-worthy conduct in many of our returning Teens. Just because you haven’t been invited this year doesn’t me we don’t see you developing into amazing human beings, and doesn’t mean we don’t intend to invite you next year. Talk with our Teen Camp staff if you have questions about what criteria we are using to issue invitations and how you can be considered for the Apprenticeship track.

Apprentices must set up and complete a mentoring phone call with Ravenwood staff at a mutually-agreeable time between the Leaders In Training training day and the start of Teen Camp. The intention of this call is to identify leadership interests and growth edges, and to create learning goals for the Apprentice’s participation in Teen Camp.

Completing the phone call, attending a pre-camp planning session, being part of staff meetings, and taking on a leadership role in Teen Camp gives one access to the following:

• Attend Teen Camp in exchange for paying the cost of food.

 Ages 12-18


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