Wild Homeschool


$235 per 6-session season

10% Early-bird discount before January 20th, 10% sibling discount, and family spending cap available.

9am – 3pm


Spring Session: 

Feb 5, Feb 19, Mar 4, Mar 18, Apr 1, Apr 15.

Trumble Creek Camp at F.H. Stoltze Site

Wild Homeschool is a day nature program for homeschoolers. We meet every other Wednesday through the Fall and Spring seasons to connect with our beautiful natural environment, connect with our community of friends and neighbors, and learn about ourselves. We practice naturalist and survival skills to better know know our world, our community, and ourselves.

Our days change with the seasons but we do have some traditions! We always start by giving gratitude to something that makes our lives better, and we often light a campfire to symbolize the warm center of our community. Sometimes we have survival skills challenges, and sometimes we make nature-based crafts. Most days we take some time for storytelling and songs around the campfire. We always take time to explore the little miracles that nature gives us, whether they are a new kind of bug, a beautiful wildflower, delicious wild plants for tea, or tracks in freshly-fallen snow.

Wild Homeschool is growing and changing! This year, we’ll have two fun and skilled instructors. Your instructors will be program founder Jennifer Bresee along with new staff member Jacob Courtford!

Another change this year is we’re only offering seasonal signups. Our goal is to strengthen our communal connections by keeping the social group more consistent. So with one-season signups, we’ll start the season with the same people with whom we’ll close the season, and we’ll all experience our first day together! We’re hoping this will give participants more time to connect with each other and make lifelong friendships.

We’re also offering a FREE family overnight at the end of the Wild Homeschool Spring session, on July 10th and 11th! This campout is for current and past Wild Homeschoolers and their families. We’ll arrive on Friday afternoon and stay over at our beautiful Stoltze Trumbull Creek Camp. We’ll cook on the fire, sleep in tipis, and tell stories into the evening. Then we’ll spend the next day doing all our favorite summer Ravenwood activities, like playing games, fishing in the creek, picking hucks, and more. This overnight is a separate registration from the regular Wild Homeschool sign up. Adults are asked to attend with their children, and siblings outside the program’s age range, cousins, grandparents, and other family are invited too! One note on siblings: this program is designed for Wild Homeschoolers, so toddler or teenager support will fall to adult guardians.

A note for parents of our youngest participants: We enjoy having a broad age range, as it opens up opportunities for peer mentoring, learning about role modeling, and appreciating the gifts that all ages bring to a social group. With 4-year-olds, we invite a parent along for at least the first day, to gauge how ready the child is to be on their own, and how much they may still need a parent with them. We also prefer to have the parent there if the child will need an afternoon nap or a break while the older participants engage in another activity. After that first day, we will make a decision together about whether the child is ready to be in the program independently, or whether is is more appropriate for a parent to attend with the child. If a 4-year-old participant is not ready to be independent and a parent is not able to attend program on an ongoing basis with the child, we will issue a pro-rated refund.

This graph shows past years’ Wild Homeschool funding from all sources, brokend down by fees on the right and fundraising on the left. Fundraising comes largely from private donations. Click here to donate and help get more kids into nature!

Important Note on Family Spending Cap:

If you are registering more than 2 children from the same household, give us a call or email and we’ll apply a Family Spending Cap to your tuition. 

Call us at (406) 260-8620

Email brett@ravenwoodolc.org