Wild Homeschool

day outings for homeschool kids!


Fall Session: Gray Jays meet every other Wednesday, Sept 22, Oct 6, 20, Nov 3, 17, Dec 1, for 6 days of camp!

Winter Session: Gray Jays meet every other Wednesday Jan 5, 19, Feb 2, 16, Mar 2, for 5 days of camp!

Spring Session: Gray Jays meet every other Wednesday Mar 16, 30, Apr 13, 27, May 11, 25, for 6 days of camp!

Ages 4-12

9am – 3pm

Trumbull Canyon Camp at F.H. Stoltze site

Wild Homeschool is a day nature program for homeschoolers. We meet through the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons to connect with our beautiful natural environment, connect with our community of friends and neighbors, and learn about ourselves.

During the fall, we keep cool during warm days by spending time at the creek, and we celebrate the turning of the seasons with wild food feasts and honoring of our ancestral lineages. In winter, we play and track animals through the snow, practice survival skills, and tell stories by the fire to honor the returning of the light. In spring we sing songs to honor the returning birds, play in meltwater pools, and celebrate the returning green plants by making herbal remedies. And we do a lot more besides! We’ll play games, tell stories, sing songs, and make crafts with the materials gifted to us by nature in each season. Come enjoy the woods with us!


Pine Siskins may open as a second session alternating with Gray Jays if there is more demand than we can fill with one session.

A note for parents of our youngest participants: We enjoy having a broad age range, as it opens up opportunities for peer mentoring, learning about role modeling, and appreciating the gifts that all ages bring to a social group. With 4-year-olds, we invite a parent along for at least the first day, to gauge how ready the child is to be on their own, and how much they may still need a parent with them. We also prefer to have the parent there if the child will need an afternoon nap or a break while the older participants engage in another activity. After that first day, we will make a decision together about whether the child is ready to be in the program independently, or whether is is more appropriate for a parent to attend with the child. Parents are always invited to volunteer with the program! If a 4-year-old participant is not ready to be independent and a parent is not able to attend program on an ongoing basis with the child, we will issue a pro-rated refund.

Program Pricing:

To find your family’s income-based scholarship level, go to our Pricing page.

The true cost per camper of each Gray Jays Fall and Spring 6-day session is $480 

The true cost per camper of the Gray Jays Winter 5-day session is $400


This graph shows past years’ Wild Homeschool funding from all sources, brokend down by fees on the right and fundraising on the left. Fundraising comes largely from private donations. Click here to donate and help get more kids into nature!