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Great Fish Community Challenge Support Ravenwood School Programs in The Great Fish Community Challenge

Nature makes kids happier, healthier, and smarter!

Ravenwood is one of 78 local non-profit organizations selected to participate in the Great Fish Community Challenge. The campaign runs from August 10 through September 15, 2023. You can make a single donation and support as many of our wonderful non-profit organizations as you like…AND the Whitefish Community Foundation will provide a percentage match on the first $20,000 raised by each org! Your gift will help Ravenwood reach the full match and fund our FREE school programs for over 500 local kids this school year.

Ravenwood is registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization

“After adapting through our ‘Covid-Spring’ my heart, gut, and mind all recognized how special Ravenwood is and can be. I wish there was a better word than ‘gratitude’ to describe how I feel about this program.”

Al Hammel

Whitefish Independent High School lead teacher

“I like being with Ravenwood because there’s no pressure to be right all the time. We learn from our mistakes instead of getting in trouble.” 

“I can focus a lot better here than when I’m in class. There are more distractions at school than in the woods.” 

“I like Ravenwood because I like being outside. We don’t really go outside when I’m at home.”

Helena Flats 7th graders

Thank You

Non-profit organizations operate in a unique professional field that relies on monetary and resource investments to create social capital rather than direct monetary gain.  Any good tracker can tell you the kids who benefit from this type of community investment produce value through their lifetime far greater than the original dollars that come in to support it.