Family Connections Adventure Package

The Ultimate Family Connections Adventure Package in Montana

  • REBOOT and get your family mojo going again
  • Create unbreakable trust and strengthen bonds
  • Learn awesome wilderness and survival skills
  • Open lines of communication across all family relationships
  • Learn simple nature connection routines you can do at home that will serve for a lifetime
  • Let go of stress, connect through your senses, strengthen your intuition, and fall in love with the world and your family like never before!

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Why Family Connections Adventures?

I’m a fourth generation Montana native and I live in one of the most beautiful and wild places on the planet, just minutes from Glacier National Park.  I can’t wait to spend two incredible days laughing, playing, learning, CONNECTING, and building skills to help you and your family solidify your center and strengthen your bonds with each other and nature!

I’ve been leading deeply transformative nature connection and mentoring programs here for 15 years, and I’m so excited to share with you the very best of what I’ve learned in that time.  I’ve designed a once-in-a-lifetime experience just for you and your family and I know you are going to LOVE IT!

Package Summary:

Before our retreat, we’ll connect to get to know one another, identify goals and challenges, and fine-tune our plans for your family’s Wilderness Adventure!  Afterward, we’ll reconnect several times to really ‘harvest’ the experience and keep new routines and communication practices alive and strong.

PLUS, if you’re coming from out of town I’ll help you round out the rest of your Glacier Country stay with priceless local connections and custom recommendations to unique and exclusive destinations and services in our area!

Package Elements

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Welcome Packet

As soon as you enroll I’ll send you a packet with all kinds of insights and introductions to my favorite local businesses.  You are going to LOVE this community and I will introduce you to the best of the best:)

2 Initial Groundwork video chats, phone calls or meet ups - up to 60 minutes each

These essential calls give us time to connect, loosen up and have some fun, initiate helpful routines, and start building trust so our time together will be the most meaningful and unforgettable few days you’ve ever experienced as a family!

The Groundwork calls will:

  • Help us get to know each other
  • Start creating powerful habits of connection that will sustain you long after the experience
  • Orient us to any unique relationship challenges and craft a plan to overcome them
  • Kick off the creation of an awesome vision for you as a family!
  • Assist you in making additional vacation plans in the area with invaluable help from a local 🙂
The Adventure!

Getting Present

Get ready to have an experience you will REMEMBER FOREVER!  During our days together you and your family will experience the very best of what I’ve learned in my 15 years of mentoring about deep nature connection, peacemaking, vision work, and wilderness and survival skills.  The experience starts and ends with connection.  We’ll be taking a deep breath, checking in on what’s important in our lives by sharing gratitude, setting intentions, and shaking off the stress of everyday life, and dropping into the present moment through awesome sensory games and activities that are good for all ages and that will wake up your instincts and your body and get our spirits moving big time.  

Learning Skills

Once we’ve gotten ourselves attuned to the moment and our minds and bodies sharp, we’ll dive into learning skills that are not only fun and challenging, but can be real life-savers if you ever get in a tough situation or if you just want to learn a new way of thriving in the world by depending less on gadgets and more on your own skills and awareness to meet your needs.  These skills are the seeds for making powerful shifts in your personal and family life too.   

Time to Connect

Our first day lands with a family meal, prepared together over the fire or in the kitchen, depending on our location and needs, and may include food we have harvested together (depending on season and location)!  From there a kind of magic happens as we close with a look back at the day around the fire, celebrating the twinkle that’s now in everyone’s eyes.

Surthival Skills (who wants to just live, let’s thrive!)

The next morning we go the heart of the experience and learn and practice the Sacred Order of Survival–shelter, fire, water, food. You’ll literally depend on each other to construct your own shelter (for any season) and learn the basics of all the other fundamental skills of wilderness living.

Building Routines of Connection

Waking up to the birds’ dawn chorus in a shelter you build yourself, day three is all about reflection and creating routines of connection you can build on as you and your family go forward.  You’ll learn ways you can come back to nature connection as a family, even if you live in the city or suburbs. Ways you can connect to each other that are simple and powerful and fun.  Ways you can connect with self, to keep you on your path and alive in your most important relationships with your family, closest friends, and co-workers.  

Peacemaking in Practice

We’ll learn peacemaking practices designed for families and put them into action, allowing you to speak, according to your own needs/wishes and utilize this beautiful and spacious moment we’ve created together, at whatever level and pace is right for you in that moment.  Together, we will experience nature connection is healing and creates peace within so it can be accessed and shared whenever it is needed.

Creating a Vision

I’ll help you create a connection vision for your family and speak to the relationships you have with each other in a way that will more than solidify the foundation you know you need to be an unbreakable unit.  We’ll probably laugh and cry and experience some edges and fear. Our time on the land has prepared us for this and it’s the most important thing you can do because it’s the very thing helping you know you’re truly alive and moving forward in your own journey and together as a family. And it’s probably why you’ve read this far, so…

Let’s Get Started!

I cannot wait to share this experience with you.  It is my greatest pleasure and honor to be with you on this connection journey and stay with you as it unfolds and integrates back into your life together in your home space.  I look forward to visiting with you soon to launch this adventure:)

See you in Glacier Country!


Up to 3 Follow-up Calls in the 90 days after your trip - 60 minutes each

These sessions will help you stay on track with the big shifts and “ah ha” moments you have during our time together in Montana.  I’ll help you reflect, troubleshoot and stay focused on your goals and vision for your family, especially as it relates to the routines of connection you are learning.  This process is completely customized to meet your needs and is the KEY to LASTING IMPACT from your big experience in Montana.


The Follow-Up Calls will:

  • Bring you back to the powerful moments and inspiration from your trip
  • Create accountability and honor commitments for all
  • Keep you focused and energized to reach your goals as a family
  • Shift from “that was fun” to “this is fun” in your daily family culture
  • Help you find others in your home area that share your passion and interests
  • Support you in moving forward as individuals and as a family into the new experiences of the coming days and months, modifying your vision and goals as you go
Three 10-15 Minute Laser Sessions, On Demand!

These calls, e-mails, or chats are there for anyone in the family in moments when you need support in between our Follow-up calls.  

Laser Sessions will:

  • Get you back on track if you get lost in the weeds or drop your routines
  • Focus on specific current details and questions, and on picking the right direction for the moments ahead
  • Give you priceless live feedback
Meet Your Host

Meet Your Host

Brett Holmquist, Co-founder and Executive Director

Brett’s leadership and vision have created treasured learning experiences for thousands of local children, parents, and community members.  Brett has been invited to participate in state, regional, and national trainings and presents to community and professional groups regularly.  In 2009 Ravenwood was named Business of the Year  by the Montana Environmental Education Association.  Brett’s at home in the woods where he shares his passion for building meaningful relationships in nature through bow making, basketry, fire skills, tracking, hunting, bird language study, and skills of awareness.  Mentoring the growth of individuals and the strengthening of community means everything to Brett and he generously shares his many creative talents to meet these goals.  Brett is a firm believer in the power of nature connection and good mentoring to bring forth health and positive development for all people, especially children, and carries a deep respect for the guidance of community elders as he leads from the heart to weave beautiful possibilities for today and the generations to come.



Call or E-mail Today to Schedule an Exploration Call with Brett

Phone: 406-260-8620