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I was looking for meaningful work that would be of valuable service to people, community, and the planet.  Well, I found that in Ravenwood, AND so much more!” -Ann Campbell

About Working for Ravenwood

Do you want to connect deeply with nature and community, and help others to do the same? Do you want to give your best while you help others grow and learn? Ravenwood offers many opportunities for people from all backgrounds to help make the world a better place, while earning a living and creating supportive community around you.

As a field staff member, you can help make the world a better place by playing games, telling stories, singing songs, asking questions about plants and animals – while teaching crafts and skills and exploring beautiful wild places.  As an administrator, you can support field staff in doing their direct work changing kids’ lives, while you do the work of keeping our community connected in fun, healthy and regenerative ways.

Positions Available

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Seasonal Nature Connection Field Staff and Lead Field Staff

June 2023-August 2023

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Nature Connection Field Staff will work as part of a team consisting of fellow Field Staff, Lead Field Staff, or Program Directors, volunteers, and youth Mentors in Training (MITs). Field Staff work with this team to co-plan and co-facilitate seasonal day camps. We have openings for full or part time staff, both the experienced Lead Field Staff and less-experienced Field Staff, working part or all of the summer.

The season begins with 4 days of staff training and program planning starting on Tuesday June 6th, then 9 weeks of camp. Staff should plan to arrive at or before 8:00am according to agreements among the staff team, and depart when clean-up and debrief is done for the day, typically around 4:30pm. Camp programs are held Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a maintenance, planning and prep day. 

Depending on which camps the Field Staff is staffing, there may be a period of unpaid break midway through the summer, July 3rd through 18th. There may be an opportunity to staff an overnight camp on the week of July 3-7. 

We divide staff responsibility up by student age. Each Field Staff will be paired with a more-experienced Lead Field Staff who has worked with Ravenwood for at least one prior season, and together will be responsible for planning and facilitating one of two or three age groups, along with the MITs and Volunteers present that day. Each age group consists of up to 16 students. Age groups may be 6-7, 8-9, and 9-12, or 6-8 and 9-12. 

Most of our camps are held at privately-owned forest sites, with nature-based games, creek wading, berry picking, firemaking, fishing, and shelter building as just a few of the popular activities.

Staff are ultimately responsible for providing their own lodging, transportation, and food. If access to lodging, transportation or food are issues of concern, please talk with us ahead of time and we can work together to design solutions. Our community and organization network is available for resources to help with supporting our staff’s needs.

How to Apply

Submit a letter of interest via email with resume and three professional references to our Program Directors, programs@ravenwoodolc.org.  Selected candidates will be asked to schedule a personal interview (Zoom, telephone, or similar connection options are possible) at a mutually agreeable time.

What people are saying about working for Ravenwood:


“I just finished working my fifth season with Ravenwood this past fall.  When I started working for Brett back in the Spring of 2010 as a Nature Connection Mentor, I really had no idea what I was signing up for.  I was looking for meaningful work that would be of valuable service to people, community, and the planet.  

“Well, I found that in Ravenwood, AND so much more!  The 8 Shields model of Deep Nature Connection is a personally transformative model of mentoring and learning, and it has a far reaching impact on community and the greater world.  When we learn to connect deeply with nature, we can’t help but learn to connect with ourselves and others too.  We can’t help but cultivate empathy and a sense of interconnectedness to everything, and that is the fuel for long-term, effective change.  …

“I would recommend this job for anyone interested in making a positive difference through meaningful work, and for anyone who is interested in having fun while doing it!  You will laugh, cry and sing more than you ever have, and maybe all at the same time.”

-Ann Campbell

Former Lead Staff

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