The Chrysalis Project

Ages 11-14


One Saturday per month

One Friday evening per month

Final weekend overnight

FREE Pilot Program by Application Only


Saturday March 7th, 10am-4pm at Trumbull Canyon Camp

Friday March 13th, 4pm-6pm at the Kalispell Montessori Elementary tipis

Saturday April 11th, 10am-pm at Trumbull Canyon Camp

Friday April 17, 4pm-6pm at the Kalispell Montessori Elementary tipis

Saturday May 9, 10am-4pm at Trumbull Canyon Camp

Friday May 15, 4pm-6pm at the Kalispell Montessori Elementary tipis

Saturday June 27th, 10am through Sunday June 28th, 3pm at Trumbull Canyon Camp

The Chrysalis Project is a communally-held experience for adolescents that helps youth preserve and further develop their sense of personal power, connection to community, responsible decision-making, courage, and leadership capacity as they enter and work through their teen years. Our aim is to support youth in their personal, social, and physical development goals while fortifying the community’s esteem and trust in its youth.
Chrysalis is different than many other nature-based enrichment activities! We will include nature-based personal and group activities that may at times be difficult or edgy for participants. We may sleep in survival shelters without sleeping bags, or jump in an icy creek at dawn! We will also include a registered Nurse-Practitioner and other certified health care workers as guest instructors. Our intent is to create the opportunity to meet personal challenges, create strong bonds, and create a safe, informative space for participants to ask important questions about their own development in both body and psyche that they may not feel comfortable bringing up in everyday contexts.
Chrysalis includes three groups. Owls is a leadership experience for girls and feminine-identified people. Ptarmigan is a leadership experience for boys and masculine-identified people. And Flying Squirrels is a leadership experience for people who identify differently than the gender binary. Each group is open to those who self-identify with it, and each group will get to do similarly challenging activities.
We have the generous donations to run this pilot season free of charge. This is a pilot program, and as such is only half as long as future programs will be. We can also only run the girl’s program, so for this season the program is only open to youth who identify as feminine to whatever degree that they do. This pilot program will run from March to June, with one Saturday per month and one Friday evening per month for three months, and then one weekend overnight in June.
This pilot program is by application only. If you have a youth who identifies as female and would like to participate, please fill out this short application, and we’ll be in touch!
If you have a youth who does not identify as female and would still like to participate, please get in touch. We intend for this program to grow into a year-long and inclusive program, with groups available for all genders.

Participants will experience:
  • The fun of nature-connected games and activities
  • The satisfaction of overcoming obstacles
  • The group connection that can only come from conquering challenges together
  • The opportunity to reflect deeply and ask the important questions
  • The sense of belonging that comes from relating within and across generations
This program is designed to foster:
  • Skills that increase confidence and competence in nature, such as making emergency shelter and fire.
  • Resiliency, grit, and a growth mindset through nature-based activities and challenges
  • Empathy for oneself, others, and nature
  • Mutually-supportive group bonds through group challenges and discussions
  • Confidence and community connections through community-based send-off and return ceremonies
  • The confidence and awareness to ask important questions about their own health and wellbeing
  • Community connections through enriching relationships with elders

Ages 11-14


FREE Pilot Program by Application Only