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Grizzly Base Boy Scout Camp

Spring Season

“We were the original host facility for Ravenwood, which operates high quality outdoor education programs throughout the Flathead area.  They have involved hundreds of grade school, junior high and high school students from a number of schools all across Montana.  Having been educated at Northwestern University and been a founder and director of another outdoor educational program for youth, I can say with confidence that the experiences these students have had with Ravenwood are nothing short of life-altering.”
Jim Fiddler

Board member emeritus

Ravenwood’s flagship school program has been running since 2003.  The same core group of school teachers have been with us since those first few years and have helped shape this residential learning experience into something very, very special for the thousands of kids who’ve come to camp already, and the thousands more who await their turn.   Watching big brothers, sisters, and friends come home with hearty smiles, fire kits, hand-made bows, bark baskets, plant medicines, and enough adventure to fill a school bus, Camp Corvid is highly anticipated by young students (and their parents) at our participating schools.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all your hard work with the kids.  Your program was extremely well organized, educational and FUN for all of us that attended.  I learned a few things myself and really enjoyed getting to know Anthony’s friends and classmates a little better.  I had not had the experience of camping in a tipi, unique fire starting, or hearing the story of squirrels drying their food to preserve it for winter.  Though Anthony and I spend a lot of time enjoying this wonderful place we live in, I am sure many kids do not have that privilege …what a blessing you are!  I have raved about your camp to all our friends and family.  THANKS!” Jennifer Jacobs, parent

The depth of relationships we’ve made with these school communities has been profound.  Many lifelong friendships have been forged and even a few lives have been saved over the years as a result of kids using skills in lost situations, not to mention the impact on academic learning that practical skills and awareness brings back to the classroom.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for women in science for our girls!  Thanks, too, for the really fun “bird beak” activities and hike.  You got them all thinking about wildlife adaptations with new insights and perspectives.” Brenda Olson & Debbie Dow, girl scout leaders

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We work together to customize learning activities for your students to best meet your needs.  We are here to serve you.  Over and over we hear how impactful it is for teachers to step back and observe their students’ learning in this context.  The added benefits of building relationships with parents and having a new format to deepen relationships with your students is invaluable to the teacher who cares about the wellness of their students, moving beyond content mastery and toward life-long learning, a sense of connection, and healthy self development.

Camp Corvid Fees

No Charge for Adults!

Program Length

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Minimum Fee based on 16 students

Full day



One day w/ evening



Two day/one night



Three day/two night



Five day/four night



This graph shows Camp Corvid funding from all sources, broken down by fees to schools (the smaller side) and fundraising (the bigger side). Fundraising includes grants and especially donations. Click here to donate and help get more kids into nature!