3rd-12th Grade

Why include nature in your students’ school experience? Nature connection is our best tool for social-emotional learning. Ravenwood participants build self-awareness skills by following their honest curiosity and interests, and build self-management skills by being still and quiet as they observe wildlife or sneak up on each other. Ravenwood groups learn social awareness and relationship skills by practicing teamwork, cooperation, and communication to achieve goals like fort building and firemaking. The natural environment and Ravenwood’s mentors train responsible decision-making because the natural world gives immediate impartial feedback, and experienced Ravenwood mentors help participants take that feedback safely and grow from it.

We will be implementing a new model in the spring for our school groups!

We will provide 2 Ravenwood staff, and take 13-16 students (about half a public school class) out into the field for a full day (9am-3pm) of learning in nature every two weeks. Then, the class switches, and the group that stayed in the classroom comes out to the field. 

For example, half the class would come out to the woods with Ravenwood staff on Tuesday October 5th, then the other half would come out two weeks later on Tuesday October 19th. Every student gets 3 full days in nature over the course of 3 months in the fall, then 4 full days in spring!

The classroom teacher can stay at school and provide more close instruction to the students who stay. 2 parent volunteers will still be very helpful in the field. We also may be able to provide our own bussing if the pandemic is more under control by then! 

At the end of the spring when the weather is warm and summer is almost here, we’ll take three days and two nights to host each class in a big fun overnight camp-out with the whole class, parent volunteers and teachers all together. The school must provide food but Ravenwood will host at Grizzly Base Scout Camp, with group camping, showers, a full commercial kitchen, indoor classroom/dining, and miles of hiking trails around the lake.


Title 1 schools with 50% or greater free and reduced lunch numbers will pay zero fees if accepted into the program!


Ravenwood is committed to making educational opportunities like this accessible to the students who need it the most. No school will pay the true cost, and fees to schools are calculated using a school’s free and reduced lunch numbers. The true cost to bring a whole class 7 full days in nature spread out through the school year and culminating with a 3-day-two-night overnight camp is $25,500.


F&R Lunch %,  Fee:

0-9%, $20,400

10-19%, $16,500

20-29%. $11,500

30-39%, $7,600

40-49%, $3,800

50% and higher, $0 fees

“Report after report … indicate shifts in perseverance, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and resilience. … Nature may promote learning by improving learners’ attention, levels of stress, self-discipline, interest and enjoyment in learning, and physical activity and fitness. Nature also appears to provide a calmer, quieter, safer context for learning; a warmer, more cooperative context for learning. … It is time to take nature seriously as a resource for learning – particularly for students not effectively reached by traditional instruction.”

Ming Quo