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Find out what people are saying about Ravenwood
“Camp has changed his life! He talks about it all the time… too amazing!” – Andra Townsley, Parent

“Teoman said yesterday’s camp was one of the best days he’s ever had — right up there with Christmas! Thanks for a great experience and see you next year!” – Annine Schneider, Parent


“If my children had to choose only one thing to do all summer, it would be Ravenwood!” – Lisa Calaway, Parent



“Ravenwood has become such an important part of our family, thank you so much!” – Cattrina Pendergrass, Parent



“Ravenwood has been the highlight of our boys summer!  They learn so much and LOVE IT!  They can’t wait until the next season.” – Geoff Calaway, Parent

“The Ravenwood experience is the MOST loved activity of the year!”  – Lisa Calaway, Parent


“Every year I’ve been at Ravenwood I’ve had a blast so I just want to say thank you sooo much for supporting this camp!” – Anna Hansen, Participant

“I love camp!  I get to make forts, learn songs and lots of other fun things.  Best of all I get to make new friends.” – Emma Treweiler, Participant
“We appreciate Ravenwood immensely.  There’s nothing else like it for getting kids outdoors, gaining skills, and building community.  My son has gone for 3 years and is looking forward to more!”Vita Wright, Parent

“We dedicate this donation to the creative and curious kids that you work with and to my friend Brett who helps open their eyes to their world. Love you guys!…keep doing amazing things.”

Tim Meldrum, SMA Architects, Donor

“Well deserved funds to a program that fuels kids’ minds, bodies and hearts!”

Paula Koch, Parent, Donor

“Camp Corvid was the best experience of my life!”

“Everything in the world is stitched together…”

“Today I learned how to make fire with a bow and a stick.  It’s really hard, but I think it would be fun if I lived in the wild without “conveniences.”

“This place is awesome.  I feel like it’s my home.”

“Thank you.  Just for everything.  I learned so many things I never new that were here.  Everything was beautiful.  I got to blend with nature.”

Camp Corvid Participants

Ravenwood.nature.camp.kids.bowmaking.sunlight“WOW!! What a change in my son after attending Camp Nighthawk. We didn’t really know what to expect, but dropping him off in a beautiful area with the teepees and the sound of drums in the background, we knew it was going to be magical. He had a difficult time being away initially, but with some great communication with Brett, and some phone calls home, he did it. Amazing what can happen in the wilderness with great counselors and just finding yourself…He matured, was happy but tired, and I can tell had a new bond with nature, himself and our family.  Thank you Brett and you great staff for these programs.  Little sister loved Cedar Camp as well, and can’t wait to attend Nighthawk.” 

Patty Dobis, Parent


“Having been educated at Northwestern University and been a founder and director of another outdoor educational program for youth,  I can say with confidence that the experiences that some of these students have had with Ravenwood are nothing short of life-altering.  These lands are supporting a quality of education that is uncommon in the classroom and whose value goes far beyond the simple dollars and cents revenue projected for this timber sale.  There is no question that our schools need funding, but providing operating costs is no assurance that the light of enthusiastic learning will come on inside the student.  I have witnessed Ravenwood succeeding in turning on those lights.”

Jim Fiddler, Board Member Emeritus

“Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center has made a big difference in our Kootenai Outdoor Adventure Program by training our employees to better connect youth to the outdoors. During our one day training, our employees and youth mentors gain many tools for working with youth throughout the summer; from survival skills, to fun outdoor games, team building activities and ideas for connecting with nature.”

“Thanks to Ravenwood sharing their experience and knowledge with us, our youth participants not only experience a great time in the outdoors and gain a love for nature, they learn to let go of their fears and fully connect with nature in a way that they never have before. Participants engage quickly through the fun games and outdoor activities, most of them crave more and want to learn outdoor survival skills. Our program has seen a boost in attendance and in repeat participants from summer to summer since our partnership with Ravenwood. I truly believe that youth participating in these activities will see a positive difference throughout their lifetime in their outlook on life and the world we live in. These experiences teach them to appreciate and connect with the world at a deeper level, as well as bond with adults and peer mentors in a constructive way that can encourage them through middle and high school.”

April Rewerts, Kootenai Outdoor Adventure Program, Libby, MT

Ravenwood Nature Survival Shelter Kids“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all your hard work with the kids.  Your program was extremely well organized, educational and FUN for all of us that attended.  I learned a few things myself and really enjoyed getting to know Anthony’s friends and classmates a little better.  I had not had the experience of camping in a TeePee, unique fire starting, or hearing the story of squirrels drying their food to preserve it for winter.  Though Anthony and I spend a lot of time enjoying this wonderful place we live in, I am sure many kids do not have that privilege …what a blessing you are!  I have raved about your camp to all our friends and family.  THANKS!”

Jennifer Jacobs, Parent

“Thanks Brett for the reminder that points out to me that my work is never done trying to heal my wounds. Bless you my brother for being there and doing what you do because not only does it do good for all the kids hearts but it sets up the best parts of kids for the future. I always hope they will never have to serve their country in some other place and for no reason.

Thanks again for elder nights,”

Stephen Emert, Elder and Volunteer

Ravenwood.nature.camp.staff.Karen“Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center is such an enriching program that speaks to individuals of all ages. My volunteering started with a curiosity to know exactly what my son was doing in the woods all day and wondering what was putting that huge smile on his face when he came home. When I decided to volunteer I was surprised that Ravenwood takes the time to give you a volunteer training and the training is so fun that it feels like you, the parents, are in camp as well. The training turned into a real learning session that gave me new tools that I can not only use when I volunteer for Ravenwood but also when I am at home, working, or for just life in general. Volunteering for Ravenwood made me realize that as a working mom, I needed a little time in the woods myself. Witnessing the development of the children and their ability to relax in the woods and just get busy with the nature surrounding them is such a real pleasure.  Thanks Ravenwood for giving me this opportunity and thank you for enriching my son’s life with your teaching! I say I look forward to volunteering next Summer but what I feel is that I can’t wait to go back to camp!” 

Melissa Meuter, Parent, Volunteer

“Hi Brett and Ravenwood Team!

“I just wanted to write a thank you for offering such a great experience!  My Simma is raised by two non-wilderness parents.  We both have really great memories from camping and outdoor adventures though and we knew that somehow she needed to get that feeling from being outside in the woods all day too.  When we signed Simma up, we weren’t sure how it would go, but each day she came home with a new song and new dirt under her nails.   She was thrilled!

“When we visited camp the last day, I was amazed at the confidence she had being outside at camp, she showed us the river first thing and I could see how she fit there.  She had become a little nature child in that 1 short session of Mondays and Tuesdays.  I couldn’t believe how you were able to keep all those children safe and somehow keep them from wandering off in the woods!  I felt that, even though it was short, Ravenwood made a big impact on Sim’s little world and I thank you!

“We look forward to being repeat ‘campers’!

“Thank you so much!”

Chelsea Lefcourt, Parent

Ravenwood.nature.camp.kids.closeup.minecraft“Thank you Brett. I can’t decide whether to wipe the smile from my face or the tear from my eye. For those of us who took up the wildlife profession, it is with great emotion and joy to hear what you are doing. Keep up the good work, know that what you are doing is important to all of us, and please call if there is anything that we can do to help.” 

Scott Rogers, Parent

“It was an amazing thing to see him come back at the end of the day, he was very calm, very centered, very focused.  It was very therapeutic I would say, very much so.  It meant a lot to him.” 

David Bopp, WKC foster parent

“Thanks again for offering such a great program for our kids and all the hard work that goes into it…not only does this benefit our community it benefits the world when children have these opportunities and foundation…I am so grateful!”

Anonymous Parent


“Thank you for your dedication to students.  This is an educational program that will have an impact on many future lives.”

“You have left footprints on our hearts and in our minds that will last forever.”

School Teachers


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“Ravenwood is a local gem. Thanks!”
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